LIGHTCONVERSE Release 51 & LIGHTCONVERSE 1536/Studio Video Servers

   As is well known in our industry, accurate 3D simulation and presentation of your events can save you (and your client) hours, if not days, of costly programming and venue time. In addition to our long list of previous unique and powerful features,  LIGHTCONVERSE 3D Show Platform Release 51 offers a new solution for common video projection problems with our 3D Projection Mapping Engine (see below for details).

Among the most anticipated features in this release of the ESTA Award-Winning (2009 & 2010) software are its highly accurate pixel-mapping capabilities for precise and realistic visualization of LED walls and other LED objects.

Hardware-wise, our new LIGHTCONVERSE 1536 and LIGHTCONVERSE STUDIO Video Servers offer a powerful way to visualize up to 1536 fixtures (96 Universes!) in your virtual show in addition to providing 3 to 15 live DVI outputs for real-world projection once your 3D mapping is completed to perfection within the software.


  The LIGHTCONVERSE 3D Show Platform provides a powerful answer for integrating and visualizing multiple show related disciplines in Real-Time, including Lighting, Video (IN and OUT), Laser, Pyro, Water Effects and DMX Controlled Moving Objects - all in an extremely photo-realistic environment (with realistic pricing too!).

Ultra Fast Photo-Realistic Operation!

  Visualize 100's of moving lights with no lag time (60FPS), even off a laptop!

 Programming is performed in an intuitive real-time 3D view and rendering is instant - there is NO wait time.

YouTube: LIGHTCONVERSE_Circus_Demo

  Easily capture an avi movie of your show in action to send to your clients.

Flexible Connection Options!

  DMX, ArtNet or sACN allow for quick connection to any lighting console. Ethernet Video connection to multiple Hippotizer mediaservers.


  Direct connectivity is available with many consoles and PC-based platforms, including: HOG III (bi-directional)*, GrandMa**, Avolites, Hippotizer, Pangolin Laser Software, Lasergraph DSP, Interactive CueServer, ETC and more.

*Bi-directional communication with the HOG III platform (Fixtures selection, Pan/Tilt and Dimmer): Any changes of these parameters in LIGHTCONVERSE will automatically be updated in the console (and vice versa, of course!).

**Direct MA-Network connection using GrandMa consoles and OnPC.

Additional Release 51 Features:

- Great Performance boost
- Simultaneous visualization of 1536 fixtures (SERVER 1536 model)
- 96 channels per fixture.
- 96 input universes.
- DMX mapping for objective
- Focus calibration Grid and FOV visualization in fixture setup.
- SpacePilot Pro 3D mouse connectivity.
- Two different textures per Material.
- Mirror effect via negative texture tiling.
- Ambient Light color correction.
- 512 scenes per Track in optional Onboard Control Mode (48 Playbacks).
- MIDI & MIDI Time Code support in Onboard Control Mode.

Standard Features:

- Accurate simulation of Digital Lighting fixtures such as High-End DL and Barco units.
- Precise simulation of Projectors. Objective Zoom, Aspect and Lens shift correction.
- Photometrically Correct Beams with selectable beam footprints.
- 32 Video Playback Streams (HD) and 32 Video Inputs
- DMX control of camera movements, smoke (animated or not) and ambient lighting levels.
- DMX controlled modulation of RGB objects (Diffuse, Specular and Emissive components).
- 255 Object Layers with 3 DMX transformations for each layer.
- Transparent objects lighting (glass, water, water screens, etc.)
- Customizable Scroller options.
- Hot-keys for MAC users.
- Bi-directional communication with Microsoft Excel - export your projects to Excel, change and send them back to LIGHTCONVERSE with a single click.


  Use our new Pixel-Mapping Engine for jaw-dropping and highly-realistic LED wall simulations:



  Need to shoot perfect, non-distorted video onto a sphere or other complex object? How about large panoramas? Projector Location a hassle? No Problem!


1. Install projectors in the real world.

2. Setup virtual projectors in your LIGHTCONVERSE show.

3. Use our Material Editor to map (to perfection!) your video or image on any 3D object (geometrically complex or otherwise).

4. Send DVI signal(s) from your computer to real world projectors (3-15 outputs, depending on LIGHTCONVERSE version).

- Video can be input live from any media server to LIGHTCONVERSE or from pre-recorded avi's.
- The virtual projectors simultaneously function as virtual cameras, thus allowing the camera to "see" its correctly mapped virtual world.
- The signals generated by the virtual cameras are then fed to the physical video outputs of your computer and then on to the real projectors/screens.

  Sounds cool? It is! And there is much more to this proprietary new feature, contact us soon for details!

New 3D Glasses Modes!

  Lets face it, 3D movies are hot, 3D TV's are hot, 3D projectors are hot. And now you and your client can watch your virtual show as never before with our new Side by Side Horizontal and Top and Bottom 3D modes (in addition to Anaglyph).

  Slap on those 3D glasses and start selling!

New Multi-Zone Video Output!

  Have a studio? Planning to build one? With our multi-zone video output you can view your show from different angles on separate monitors at the same time!

YouTube: LIGHTCONVERSE_v43_Studio_Eurovision


  At a price range starting at 455.00USD (350.00 Euro), life-like show visualization is accessible to all lighting levels.

  -  NO yearly renewal or subscription fees. 
  -  Educational and House of Worship pricing available.

 Contact us soon for more information on how you can get started right away.

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