Realistic-looking moving lights allow for accurate simulation of all parameters including split colors, gobos, prisms, frost, zoom, iris, parameter timing channels and blackout-while-move functions.

Features include live video input (media servers, cameras, etc.) and playback on simulated video screens and LED walls, 3D Mapping with video out for connection to real-world projectors (Trace and Unlimited versions). LED simulation, DMX controllable objects (lasers, pyro, truss, sets, etc.), animated smoke,  customizable 3D object libraries (stages, trussing, props, actors, etc.) and 3D Glasses / Virtual Reality modes for even more realism.

Software updates are free of charge. There are no yearly subscription or renewal fees!

Available in 4 different levels: Net, Media, Trace and Unlimited, with real-time photo-realistic visualization starting at $1100.00 USD. New software/hardware SERVER models also available for extreme high performance applications. Please see our Specs & Order page for more information.

Main Features

• 255 DMX universes over ArtNet and sACN protocols* - 512 to 2000 fixtures, depending on version 
• 256 channels per fixture.
• Live 3D Object Tracking (Trace and Unlimited versions).
• 17 MP renderings (when 8192*2100 resolution is used. Dependent on monitor aspect ratio and
   video card).
• OEM Connectivity with HES Hog 3 / 4 (bidirectional), Hippotizer, Pangolin Laser software, Avolites, 
   GrandMA, ETC (sACN) and Interactive Technologies CueServer.
• Vectorworks, AutoCAD 3D Max and others import.
• Optional DMX In/Out hardware interface for connection to any type of DMX lighting control console
   or fixture.
• User selectable resolution and video quality, frame rates of 25 - 100 FPS on most PCs.
• Customizable 3D libraries include fixtures, staging, trussing, speakers, furniture, people, etc.
• Simulation of Digital Lighting fixtures such as High-End DL, Barco and others.
• LED walls visualization. Precise pixel mapping engine.
• 3D Mapping with video out for connection to real-world projectors (video out available with
   Unlimited version only).
• Up to 15 independent video outputs for external broadcast.
• Dynamic layers for DMX controlled moving objects - truss, sets, staging, video screens, even
   performers can be moved to multiple positions, rotated and scaled in any cue.
• DMX controlled modulation of Diffuse, Specular and Emissive RGB objects.
• Transparent objects lighting (glass, water, water screens, etc.).
• Two different textures per each Material. Negative texture tiling for Mirror effect.
• 32 independent video streams can be applied to any object (video screens, walls, etc.) and
   triggered by DMX.
• Accepts 32 live video inputs (via USB or FireWire) for use with Media Servers and other video
• Animated objects (lasers, pyrotechnic, video screens - including HD).
• Animated smoke simulation (Room and Open-Air behavior).
• Manual and DMX control of the view, camera moves, ambient light level, and smoke level.
• 3D Import / Export of .DXF, .X (DirectX), and .3DL (LIGHTCONVERSE) files.
• Show data paperwork Import / Export with MS Excel.
• 3D stereo glasses modes for added 3D realism.
• 3D Virtual Reality mode with Oculus (Unlimited version and up).
• Automatic horizontal and vertical view rotation.
• SpacePilot Pro 3D mouse connectivity.
• Ambient Light color correction.
• Fixture features include:
    • Realistic moving light and conventional fixtures with accurate simulation of split colors,    
       parameter timing channels, black-out while move, etc.
    • Fixture Constructor for adding new fixtures to the library.
    • Realistic fixture body visualization.
    • Complete photometric visualization. Bloom, HDR and Specular light effects.
    • Per-pixel light calculations.
    • Photo-realistic gobos and colors (6 wheels per fixture, static and rotating).
    • Zoom, Iris, Prism, Dimmer, Strobe, CMY, Frost, Saturation effects. Gobo and prism rotation.
    • Shutter cuts. Customizable Scroller options.
    • Photo shadow for gobo projection. Volume shadow for beams.
    • Manual beam (follow-mode) Pan / Tilt positioning & Pan / Tilt Shape generator (using onboard
    • DMX mapping for objective.
    • Focus calibration Grid and FOV visualization in fixture's setup
• MIDI input / MIDI Time Code support in Onboard Control mode

System Requirements

Minimum config:
- CPU AMD or Intel
- AMD/nVidia/Intel videocard (Shader-Model 3.0 compatible, 512mB videomemory)
- OS `Windows-7`
- SSD free space 2Gb

- USB port
Middle config:
- CPU `Intel Core i5 7600K`

- Videocard `AMD RX580 8Gb` or 'nVidia 1060 6Gb'

- OS `Windows-8.1

Good config:
- CPU `Intel Core i7 7700K`

- Videocard 'nVidia 1080Ti'

- OS `Windows-10`

Extreme config:

- CPU `Intel Core i7 7740X`

- Videocard 'nVidia Titan Xp (Pascal)'

- 16GB RAM
- OS `Windows-10'


Libraries of Trussing, Scaffolding, Podiums, Sound and Musical Gear, Lighting Gear and other highly-detailed 3DObjects. “Warehouse” databases that can be used to house existing supply levels matching real-world inventory. Snapping Tools for quick automatic docking of trussing and scaffolding. Custom Executive Documentation Design and Print options for projects.

Please see Specs & Order page for more information.


Can be used as an interface between lighting consoles and LIGHTCONVERSE software (DMX-IN), or as an interface between the software's onboard controller and lighting fixtures (DMX-OUT). It may also be used with LIGHTCONVERSE software to preview scenes from a lighting console before sending the DMX signal to the lighting fixtures (DMX-IN/OUT). USB connection.

Available in 4 different models: 512-SLIM, 1024-SLIM, 1536X, 2048X
Please see Specs & Order page for more information.


Replay is small and versatile DMX controller that can be used where stand-alone type of control is needed, such as trade show booths, displays, clubs and architechural applications. The unit can be pre-programmed with up to 20 sequences of 24 scenes each via LIGHTCONVERSE software or by any DMX console. Direct control of sequences is possible via any PS/2 keyboard. May also be used as an interface between lighting consoles and LIGHTCONVERSE software (DMX-IN), or as an interface between the onboard controller and lighting fixtures (DMX-OUT).

Available in 3 different models: Replay 256, 512, 512-SLIM
Please see Specs & Order page for more information.